Binary Packages

Binary packages are available for Ubuntu 13.04. Either by direct download or by adding a new package source.

Direct Download

If you install the deb manually, then you need to make sure that gccgo, python-dev and libffi6 packages are installed first.

New Package Source

If you add the following package source, then you can install the gopy package using your package manager of choice, and the dependencies will be installed automatically.

deb raring main

Source Package

The sources for the gopy libraries and tool are also available in source form. Either from the gccgo directory on the ext branch of the github repository or as a tarball below.

There are two tarballs available, the first can be created by running "make tarball" in the source checkout, the second include the minor tweaks needed to build on Ubuntu (including the extra files for creating the .deb package). The Ubuntu changes are also available as a patch to the plain sources.

In order to compile them you need at least gccgo, python-dev and libffi-dev installed. These sources have only been built on Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit, and may not compile on any other distro.